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We print and deliver the excellent quality counterfeit banknotes of all currencies of nations. Printing is done under the supervision IT technicians and currency expert so the printed counterfeit currency is undetectable to touch and see by normal eyes.

We are provide You the Super Counterfeit Money

Our counterfeit banknotes pass all security checks so person can use it anywhere in any type of transactions. These counterfeit banknotes are provided different serial number and with such professionalism that it pass all security test like UV light and pen test method plus all other detection tests. Currency notes printed by us have all features of real currencies like security thread, holograms, see through register, shifting stripes and colors plus all usual elements in specific currencies.one special thing about counterfeit currency printed by us is it can be used in shopping malls,business transactions, amusements parks, taxi metro and bus fare. This counterfeit currency can be used without any hassle or tension.


We are Team of Expert people offering services of counterfeit Banknotes in all currencies like Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Indian rupee and list is Extensive.

Our specialization is using perfect rag paper, using special printing techniques in keeping all security features as in real currencies intact. Having years of experience allows us to deliver our orders at right time without any hassle .our extreme professionalism has helped us produced unmatched counterfeit currency that can be used anywhere even in banks. Minimum order is of 200 notes and highest is of 650 pieces of packages.

It is Our Policy to Divide Large Orders into Small Bundle which are delivered to many addresses as a safety measure. Printing is done under the Expert Eyes of Currency and printing experts from Russia, Morocco and England. We are a professional and Industrially Expert provider of counterfeit Banknotes that pass all the Money Detection Tests.

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